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Corporate Video Production (5 Types)

1. Promotional Videos

These are videos, usually on your website, that promote your business and its services. This can be a more general “About Us” videos or informational videos about your service areas. These aren’t targeted advertisements but rather welcoming videos that introduce prospects to your company or answer a specific question.

2. Ads

Advertisements are more targeted pieces of content that reach a specific demographic and include a call to action. This call to action is usually tracked and leads the prospect into a sales funnel. The sales funnel begins with something like a landing page on your site, an email newsletter sign-up, or a link to “learn more”.

3. Sales Process Videos

These are videos that inform current or prospective clients about your process. They streamline communications and save time with information that is standard across all client relationships.

4. Sales Funnel Videos

A simplified sales funnel includes awareness, consideration, and decision. To help clients through these steps, specific videos can be produced to answer questions, address concerns, and encourage business.

5. Internal Communications

For larger businesses, communicating to a large body of employees is difficult. Asking them to read lengthy emails or participate in trainings can be exhausting. Videos make this internal communication much easier and standardized. Standard operating procedures, instructions on how to use equipment, and sales strategies can all be communicated through engaging videos.

Check out some examples of our videos on our production page.

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