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How Much does Video Production Cost? (3 Options)

1. Do It Yourself

Anyone can make a video these days. For some businesses, creating your own Instagram stories, TikToks or Facebook posts is commonplace.

Cost: FREE

Quality: Bad

2. Partner with a local videographer

Making videos yourself is free but to stand out against competition, making something better will give you an edge. This can be achieved by finding a local videographer to produce simple videos for social media.

Cost: ~ $500 - 2,000 per video

Quality: Good

3. Hire an Agency

While making a few videos, even at a higher production level will help your brand stand out, an agency like ONTO Agency, can help create a strategic plan over the course of the year. This plan can include promotional content, internal communications, and targeted advertising.

Cost: ~ $1,000 - 6,000+ per video

Quality: Outstanding

Which is best?

Maybe high quality isn’t for you or doesn’t make sense within your audience. While this is ok in some industries, some audiences may shy away iPhone-shot content, especially if your direct competitors are outshining your production.


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