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How Much does Social Media Marketing Cost? (3 Factors)

A yearly content calendar can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $60,000+

Here are the three primary factors it depends on:

1. Channel Choice

How many channels are you posting on? 1, 2, 5?

What form will your content take? Photos, videos, copy, a combination?

2. Quality of Production

Reposting articles or memes can be inexpensive. Producing high-quality commercials with the best cameras, lighting, motion graphics, can be very expensive. It’s usually best to balance the two. Use a mix of reposting, copy, photography, and high-end production. It all depends on your brand.

3. Advertising

Outside of your current following, how many people do you want a particular piece of content to reach? This can be anywhere from $5 to $100s per post. Check out our How Much does Advertising Cost? blog for more information on this.

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