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How to do Social Media Marketing (Three Tips)

1. Find a Partner in Production

Some videographers or agencies will produce top-notch content with the best-in-class equipment and talent. That doesn’t mean they are the perfect fit for you. If your business has a more casual feel or down-to-earth work environment, overly professional or stylized content might not be the most effective. In order to relate to your audience, choose a production partner with previous work that seems like a good fit for you. It might not always be the one that has worked with top brands. That said, a lot of agencies can produce content with a broad range of style, so look at the full portfolio.

2. Provide Value

There is so much content on social media and on company websites oriented toward selling. Consumers are sick of this. Channels that focus on providing value are the most successful. Take YouTube for example, how many videos have you watched to help you solve a problem? A lot of that was branded content. It wasn’t directly selling you, but you became aware of their brand or were familiarized with their service.

3. Don’t always sell!

Traditional advertising was about discounts, limited time opportunities, or companies gloating about sales figures. This is no longer effective. The media landscape is filled with valuable, helpful information that consumers will choose instead of your content if it’s sales focused. That doesn’t mean you never tell the consumer what you sell or who you are, you just do it after they recognize the value exchange. We’re ONTO Agency by the way.

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